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Gecko Dekko Deluxe.jpeg

The Dekko

The Dekko brings a new look for those who want a standout guitar, as unique as their style. The offset shape is contoured for comfort when sitting or standing. This 25.5 inch scale, set neck guitar comes in 5 trim levels:


The Dekko Deluxe has all the features of the Raw Series, but introduces a tiered top in contrasting exotic woods. These instruments stand out as uniquely different and visually striking.  And they have the tone and playability to match.


The Dekko Raw Series  offers beautiful exotic wood tops, 2 high quality pickups, master tone/volume knobs, a 3 way switch, and can be configured  with push/pull split or phase  pots depending upon the pickup choices used. 


The Dekko Aire is a semi hollow version, and offers a 2 high quality pickups, master tone/volume knobs, a 3 way switch, and can be configured  with push/pull split or phase  pots depending upon the pickup choices used. 


S Dekko Nebula Noir.jpg

The S Dekko offers a 3 single coil format with a master volume, master tone,  and a blend knob that brings up the bridge or neck pickup depending upon the switch position.  It uses a 5 way switch and is available with a noise reduction system to reduce noise while retaining that true single coil sound. This guitar offers extraordinary tonal capabilities! Also available in the Aire configuration.

Dekko Jr.jpeg

The Dekko Jr. offers a single pickup configuration and a wraparound bridge. Having no neck pickup means less magnetic pull on the strings. This allows the bridge pickup to really shine. Tone and grind can be effectively controlled with the volume control.  Go from clean to mean at the same amp setting with the turn of a single knob. Don't mistake this for an entry level guitar-it is a professional level instrument in every way. 


Oil finishes, custom colors, hammered and sparkle finishes are available as appropriate based on the model.

A​s with all O'Dell guitars , the neck features elements that prompt players to say they "play like butter."

  • Super smooth oiled, gloss or rubbed satin Sapele, Shedua or Maple neck

  • 2-way trussrod with 2 parallel carbon fiber reinforcement rods

  • 12 degree fretboard radius with Jumbo  or Super Jumbo frets 

  • Wenge  fretboard standard (a superior fretboard wood)  with Katalox and other species available as an option

  • Sealed Gotoh or Grover tuners and hardware standard

  • CTS pots,  Mojotone or Switchcraft switches and jacks standard

  • Hand-cut and fitted bone nut

  • Custom wound pickups​ options


All O'Dell guitars come with a superior setup and accurate intonation. These guitars will play without buzzing  or fret out at extremely low actions.

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