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The Imp

The Imp is a mischievous, fully carved, small body guitar with an attitude. Like the Dekko, its classier sibling, the Imp is available exclusively from O'Dell guitars. Typically loaded with modern high output humbuckers, this 25 inch scale, 24 fret guitar comes with either a set, all-access neck or a bolt-on with ferrels to accommodate a contoured heel. It features super jumbo frets.

If you are an adventurous shredder looking for a unique guitar to complement your style, this may be the axe you're looking for.

A​s with all O'Dell guitars , the neck features elements that prompt players to say they "play like butter."

  • Super smooth oiled, gloss or rubbed satin Sapele, Shedua or Maple neck

  • 2-way trussrod with 2 parallel carbon fiber reinforcement rods

  • 12 degree fretboard radius with Super Jumbo frets 

  • Wenge  fretboard standard (a superior fretboard wood)  with Katalox and other species available as an option

  • Sealed Gotoh tuners and trem standard

  • CTS pots,  Mojotone or Switchcraft switches and jacks standard

  • Hand-cut and fitted bone nut

  • High output pickups​ are standard on the Imp.


All O'Dell guitars come with a superior setup and accurate intonation. These guitars will play without buzzing  at extremely low actions.

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