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Details Matter

Every instrument that leaves the shop of O'Dell Guitar is meticulously handcrafted by Keith O'Dell. He is personally responsible for each step of the process from design through wood selection, construction,  finish and setup. Keith makes the necks, bodies, pickups and pickguards of electric guitars. Only electronics and hardware are sourced from vendors.  For mandolins and acoustic guitars, he also makes the bridges. Nuts and saddles are made from bone or horn blanks. Even linings and wood bindings are made in-house.

Every guitar that leaves the shop at O'Dell Guitars bears Keith's name. That matters. Each instrument is built to the highest standards possible. Keith builds to satisfy his need for artistic expression and love for the craft. He has no interest in mass production or in providing instruments he isn't proud of.

The Neck

From a playability standpoint, the neck is the heart of the guitar. And if it doesn't play well, you likely won't play it.


O'Dell Guitar necks are made with 2 carbon fiber rod reinforcements-one on each side of a 2-way trussrod. After each neck is made, the frets are skillfully leveled, fret ends are dressed and the frets and full fretboard are highly polished. Necks are finished either in rubbed lacquer to prevent  the  finish from grabbing your hand while playing, or with oil and wax finishes  for the ultimate in butter smooth, friction free playing.


The accuracy and build quality of an O'Dell Guitar neck allows for professional setup. These guitars can be played with an extremely low action and minimal relief without buzzing or fretting out. Intonation is true throughout the fretboard.

Nuts are filed by hand with files gauged to string diameter. Action at the nut is precisely set. 

By default, fretboards are made with a 12 degree radius. Other radiuses, including compound radiuses are available, but it is highly recommended that you try out  the stock configuration before specifying a different option. Players love the feel and playability of these necks.


O'Dell Guitars are built with premium woods and hardware. Wood is a valuable commodity, however, and as an environmentally conscious instrument maker, Keith  likes to work with sustainable-and even recycled-wood in his builds. He often uses alternatives to rosewood and ebony for fretboards and acoustic bridges. Wenge and Katalox are favorites for appearance, feel and contribution to tone.

Fit & Finish

Examine an O'Dell Guitar closely and you will find exceptional attention to detail. Fit & finish is held to a very high standard. Necks are hand planed for a precise fit in bodies. Parts or components that don't meet Keith's exacting standards are recycled. Or, in rare instances, consigned to the burning barrel in a cathartic release of frustration. happens.

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